I have always been interested making things.  It's how I entertained myself when I was a boy, and I was never without a project of some kind.  Over time, my skills started to catch up with my ideas and I began making things other people actually wanted!  In 1982 I opened my first shop to make and sell very basic furniture pieces, and by continuously reaching for a little more, by reading, experimenting, and by seeking out masters to learn from, I am now able to do the sort of work found here.

I have been very fortunate to have a few customers who brought in the more demanding projects.  These challenges became opportunities to grow and reach for the next rung -  and that has made all the difference.

I owe a thank you to Ian Agrell for his help with classical woodcarving, Jill London for pointing the way with water gilding, and Julia and Anton Belov, iconographers, for their guidance with egg tempera techniques.

While it's always exciting to face the next big challenge, I take great pleasure every time my work exceeds my customer's expectations, even on the simplest items.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your project or to answer any questions about my work.

Lewis Bauer